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 Korea Semiconductor Association   http://www.ksia.or.kr
 Consortium of semiconductor advanced research   http://www.cosar.or.kr
 Semiconductor equipment education center   http://setec.kut.ac.kr
 Korea display industry association   http://www.kdia.org
 Electronics and telecomunications research institute   http://www.etri.re.kr
 Korean intellectual property office   http://www.kipo.go.kr
 Korea Industrial property rights info service   http://www.kipris.or.kr
 Semi Korea   http://www.semikorea.org
 Sematec   http://www.sematech.org
 Ministry of commerce, industry and energy   http://www.mocie.go.kr
 Ministry of science and technology   http://www.most.go.kr
 Small& medium business association   http://www.smba.go.kr
 Gyyonggi province, a global initiative   http://ksbc.or.kr
 Ministry of information and communication korea   http://www.mic.go.kr
 Korea institute of industrial technology   http://www.kitech.re.kr
 Knowledge hub for creative solutions   http://www.seri-samsung.org
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