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LCD Related Parts
Insulator Image  
Enable to manufacture that is not depning on the size
fusing surface is stable and fusing surface is invisible
Fast delivery
Quality Gurranted
Insulator for CVD process
Insulator for Asher process
Status of supply
Desciption SIZE Customers
5G-15K CVD用 Insulator 1,430*1,270*4.8T SAMSUNG, LPL, SHARP, AUO, CMO
6G-25K CVD用 Insulator 1,950*1,680*4.8T LPL, SHARP, AUO, IPS, CPT
7G-40K CVD用 Insulator 2,410*2,080*4.8T SAMSUNG, LPL, AUO
8G- CVD用 Insulator 2,610*2,330*5T; SAMSUNG, SHARP
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