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Materials Overview
PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)
PPS Image  
 It is strong in Base, Acid, Organic Solvent and has a high mechanical
  strength, internal cliff, measurement stability, electrcity suppression characteristics along with Nonfuming and it is stress resistant.
 Temperature : Continuous Use 230 °C, Fusing Point 285°C
  Specific Gravity : 1.35
 Semiconductor CMP CVD Process and so forthCMP Retainer Ring, Clamp Ring, Spin Chuck,
  SOG Catch Cup and so forth
PBI (Polybenzimidazole)
PBI Image  
 As high-performance plastics, it has good thermal characteristic,
  and has a high mechanical strenfth, internal cliff with less inpurities.
Due to no out Gas, used more in a place where requires high mechanical strength and high thermal registance, such as LCD
and Prazma process.
 Temperature : Heat Change Temperature 435℃
 Semiconductor - Confinement Ring, Plunger, Screw etc..
  LCD - Lift Pin, Guide Block etc..
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